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Home Staging and De-Cluttering and works throughout the North-West of England.

Why I Love Designing Interiors

My name is Karen Birney, I’m based in the Wirral, Cheshire where I live with my family.  I love the Wirral for lots of reasons; there are great people, fabulous architecture, wonderful places to eat but most of all I can be next to a beach or countryside in a matter of moments.

I’m passionate about how the look and feel of each room in your home can transform your sense of well-being and joy.  I take great pleasure in the whole process of interior design.  To me this means everything from the basics of having a good foundation of cleanliness and organisation for your home, to the invaluable and exciting decorative layer, thinking through use of space and sourcing particular objects for different budgets and styles that immediately make an impact.

I’ve run my business for 3 years, and I particularly enjoy building relationships; both with clients and local and larger businesses so that I can find things that are unique and at the best prices.

To give you a guide, I try to hit the following notes when creating a style for any room – neat, welcoming, organised, cosy, creative, friendly and relaxing.

Although these are the common threads in each project, I adapt these carefully to an individual client’s particular interests and tastes.

I love to hear from people.  I am active on my social media channels, and always reply to comments on my blog, so do get in touch!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this – and I hope I can help add a unique and human touch to your interior projects.

Best wishes, Karen

Karen Birney, Cherry Blossom Interiors


karen birney


Our Interior Design service is not just a method of re-decorating but also an art form in many ways. It is a way of making an interior space look different, or tailoring it to serve a specific function. There are many facets involved including colouring, space, textures, lighting, placement of furniture and so on and so forth. Our designer will take full responsibility for all elements of the design process for you, right through from choosing a colour scheme to helping you place items.


Working from the brief you provide we will design & create a space that meets your functional and visual requirements, whatever these might be.


We offer individual room makeovers as well as full home re-design services so if you fancy a change and don’t know where to start, we can help you transform your home and make it an even more pleasurable place for you to live. The idea of a Home Makeover is to utilise as much of what you already own as possible, whilst adding in a few extra accessories to create a home that is fresh and new but also within your budget. We work with you throughout the design process to make sure you like the colours, furniture layout and budget to give you a home to be proud of.

Preparing your home for sale or rent (also known as Home Staging) has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has been suggested that a home not staged tends to take longer to sell, which can often lead to the uncomfortable decision of a reduction in price to tempt a buyer. Let us help you maximise the selling potential of your most valuable asset by working with you to make some small, but significant, cosmetic changes to appeal to a universal viewing audience. Karen has been trained by the Celebrity House Doctor, Ann Maurice.

House Doctor Ann MauriceAnn Maurice House Doctor

We see your home through the eyes of an impartial buyer which enables us to better identify areas for improvement – often living in your home makes you accustomed to the surroundings, making it difficult for you to notice these yourself.


De-cluttering is a practical service designed to help with clearing your home or a specific room to create a better environment for you to live and/or work in. Often people find it hard to let go of miscellaneous items for various sentimental reasons, but with a fresh pair of eyes we can organise your space and suggest simple storage solutions to de-clutter those dumping ground areas that we’re all guilty of having.

So, if any of the above areas sounds just like what you’re looking for, we look forward to hearing from you.