Teenage Bedroom Ideas

teenage bedroom

Creating a Teenage Bedroom that will be loved as well
as integrate in some way with the family house takes
planning and skill to create a happy result.  It’s a
process that can be great fun though


Teenagers are creatures at the apex of exploring their individuality but in our modern world they are not unburdened by responsibility either.  Teenage bedrooms ar…

Fantastic Parsley Sauce For Cod

parsley sauce for cod

This is my Parsley Sauce For Cod

Over the years this sauce for cod has been adapted slightly, it’s so creamy and delicious, once I had made this I wouldn’t buy the pre-packaged sauces any-more.  I hope you like it as much as we do.
You could make this parsley sauce for cod, salmon or maybe chicken.  I like to be organised and pre-prepared when it comes to…

Preparing to sell your home with Home Staging

Preparing to sell your home

Preparing to sell your home with Home Staging

Decorating a home is personalising it, Home Staging is
about de-personalising to sell well.

When preparing to sell your home it is important to look at the size, function and qualities of each room.  Preparing to sell your home is essential for helping the buyer envision themselves in the home and create a positive, lasting…

Garden Decoration Ideas

garden makeover after

Are You Having Friends Over For A Get Together This Weekend?
Would You Like Some Garden Decoration Ideas?
Cherry Blossom Interiors recently completed a garden makeover and we thought we would share with you some garden decoration ideas for updating your outdoor space.

The seating area is really important when creating a place to entertain friends.  T…

Spring Clean Your Living Room

Spring Clean - cherry blossom tree

Spring Clean Your Living Room
March to April: As the air warms and first daffodils blossom, this is the time of year Spring clean your home – rationalise and de-clutter from the comings and goings of the winter period, and start anew for the summer months ahead.  Here are my personal Spring Clean top tips: create an immaculate home to bring warmth, friendship and good times in the year…

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist
This Holiday Checklist will help you to be better organised when preparing to pack on a Self Catering holiday?
I use this holiday checklist to keep on top of jobs to do on the run up to going on a self catering holiday. There are sections that are helpful even if your holiday isn’t self catering.

The Holiday Checklist has the following sections already filled out…

The Range Mirror And Jewellery Storage Furniture


I’ve Found This Wonderful Mirror And Jewellery Storage
I love it because it is a fabulous full length mirror with the added bonus it keeps all of your jewellery neat and organised inside.
I couldn’t resist buying one myself I loved the look of it so much and it doesn’t disappoint.  I use the full length mirror daily when getting ready and having all of my accessories organised and easy to…

Letting Your Home For The Golf Open 2014

The Golf Open 2014 is in Hoylake, Wirral on
13th – 20th of July

This is a fantastic opportunity if you live on the Wirral and are preparing to start Letting Your Home for the Golf Open 2014 visitors.

Let Cherry Blossom Interiors take the pressure off by viewing your home and checking you have everything required to let it out. We can create a private inventory for you to k…

Another Lovely Review

Review from Helen, Wirral
I love my job and get so much pleasure helping people create a whole new room with a Makeover or Interior Design project  .  It’s always extra special to receive another lovely review too.

Thank you…

Spring Accessories

spring accessories - bedding

Inspiring Spring Accessories

I have been out sourcing items for a client today and starting to put together a mood board of items we like for their master bedroom.

They are happy with their bed and carpet, so I have been looking for spring accessories to freshen the room.  This is an Interior Design project because the clients would like to replace quite a few items and requir…