Weekly Checklist

weekly checklist

Weekly Organising Checklist
Would you like to be more organised when it comes to running the home?
I use this weekly checklist to keep on top of jobs to do around the home.  It has the following sections for you to fill out –

Housekeeping Jobs
What is for dinner
To do’s
Things to add to your shopping list

Print out the A4 page, fill in the date at the top and cross off…

Home Makeover, Warrington

Home Makeover

Home Makeover in Warrington

I always really enjoy doing Home Makeovers, they are making small changes to an existing room.  They can have massive results afterwards.  In the time we had I looked at three rooms altogether, the Kitchen/Family Room, the Master Bedroom and the Hallway.

We spent time going through the clients likes and dislikes with colours and furniture, working out…

Which bedroom do you prefer?

which bedroom do you prefer

Which bedroom do you prefer?
 Do you have a favourite part of the room?

These bedroom’s have been completed with our Home Makeover or Interior Design Services, Wirral, Cheshire
If you have any questions about or services please call us for a chat 0844502 7330 / 07792 022418
or ema…

Colour of the Year

colour of the year 1

Pantone Colour of the Year: Radiant Orchid in your home

For 2014 Pantone have advocated this rich, versatile shade of purple as their colour of the year.
Here we give you some tips on how to incorporate a touch of Radiant Orchid into your home; where you choose to focus your energies is up to you. Just remember, purple is a strong colour and often less is more!

The first question to ask…

Which Lounge Do You Prefer?

which lounge do you prefer

Do you like elements of both Lounge Rooms, Or one in particular?
Which Lounge do you prefer?  I’d love to hear your feedback below



Cherry Blossom…

Packing Your Decorations Away

Packing Your Decorations Away - box

We Have Found A Few Things To Help With Packing Your Decorations Away Ready For Next Christmas
Preparation is the key. Don’t start packing your Home Decorations away at random as come Christmas 2014 you’ll end up spending a vast amount of time sorting through everything again!

Instead work methodically, going room by room and investing in some storage solutions first, like this bauble box whic…

Homemade Cleaning Products

homemade cleaning products - lemon

I don’t really like lots of toxic cleaning products,
here are some tried and tested homemade
cleaning products I use



For Windows, Glass and Mirrors – I mix one part White Vinegar with 4 parts water into a clean spray bottle.Then simply spray on and wipe off with kitchen towel.  I then buff over with a cloth to leave nice and streak…

De-cluttering and Organising your Bathroom

storage - declutter and organise your bathroom

De-cluttering and organising your bathroom before Christmas
With Christmas only two weeks away hopefully you’re feeling relatively prepared – you’ve tidied the key areas of your house including the lounge, kitchen and hallway. However, have you thought about De-cluttering and Organising your Bathroom yet? Regardless of whether you have houseguests or not this year you know you’re probably…

Teaching Children To Stay In Bed

teach children

Did you manage a lie in this morning?  This fabulous clock could help you.

Teaching children to stay in bed with a  Momo the Monkey clock.   I bought one of these after my friend recommended one.  My daughter got the hang of it very quickly, I think it is worth every penny.
If your child waking up in the middle of the night or an early riser Momo the monkey tells the child by opening…

Organise Your Guest Room

Spring Clean bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom in your home and guests are planning to stay with you this Christmas, we have some suggestions to organise your guest room now to take the pressure off on the lead up to the festive season.

When tackling any room I start by bringing black bags into the room to clear any clutter that has just been placed in the room.
I label the black…