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Is It Time To Take Your Christmas Tree Down Yet?

Christmas tree down

I know it’s only the 29th December, but I have been seeing plenty of people deciding to take their Christmas Tree down already, trying to De-clutter and tidy up the mess from the festivities.
When do you like to take your decorations and Christmas tree down?  6th January?  Let us know in the comments below.
I have spotted this novel way to wrap the whole tree, lights and decorations in…

Kerb Appeal

kerb appeal

The First Impressions of your home is called Kerb Appeal
The front of this house looks ok, but there isn’t anything that stands out to make it different from the rest.   We set to work on this house’s Kerb Appeal and explain how we have done it.

Does your home lack Kerb Appeal?
 We show you step by step what we did to this home so you can get your home ready for visitors, especially over…

Home Christmas Planning Tips


Christmas Planning Tips to Organise your Hallway

People will form their first impression of your house based on your entrance hallway, so here’s how to make sure yours doesn’t give you a nightmare before Christmas.
With Christmas around the corner you can count on most hallways to have recurring problem areas like excessive amounts of shoes, sets of keys, discarded post, hats &am…

4 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas


With Christmas practically round the corner now, the hunt for the perfect tree begins… There are many factors to consider when buying a tree, first and foremost do you opt for real or artificial – both come with pros & cons but this decision can make an impact on how you choose your colour scheme. Once you’ve decided on the type of tree, you then move on to decisions like height, width,…

10 Things For Dogs And Puppies This Christmas


Dogs and puppies are part of the family.  If you are anything like me, you probably will want to spoil man’s best friend at Christmas too.

I have been looking for gifts for my pooch and found these fabulous advent calendars.  This one is a chocolate treat **

Or there is always this one if you prefer to give a homemade treat **.

For Christmas morning how about…

DeCluttering And Organising Your Living Room

Organising Your Christmas Lounge

With almost 7 weeks until Christmas, it’s time to start de-cluttering and organising your living room.

We recommend you start de-cluttering and organising your living room, especially over Christmas because we all spend most of our time in there once the winter months hit.
For most of us it’s the room where the Christmas tree will be set up, where the presents will be opened and enjoyed and…

Organised And Clutter Free Home

Clutter Free Home

DeCluttering And Organising To Get A Clutter Free Home
With Christmas fast approaching  we are starting with the bedroom wardrobe on our clutter free home.
My wardrobe can get ever so messy, so I like to have a good sort out as the seasons change.   I check if anything needs mending, recycling or throwing.
Starting is the best way, a room at a time.  Here are some Tips for Clutter…

Packing Your Decorations Away

Packing Your Decorations Away - box

We Have Found A Few Things To Help With Packing Your Decorations Away Ready For Next Christmas
Preparation is the key. Don’t start packing your Home Decorations away at random as come Christmas 2014 you’ll end up spending a vast amount of time sorting through everything again!

Instead work methodically, going room by room and investing in some storage solutions first, like this bauble box whic…