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Which Lounge Design Do You Prefer?

Lounge Design

Two very different Lounge Designs, which do you prefer?

Do you like elements of each?  I’d love to hear your comments…

Updating Your Home This Holiday?

Updating your home - Bedroom

There are some fabulous discounts to have when updating Your Home prior to the Bank Holiday. 
Many websites offer up to 50% off some products, which means Updating Your Home need not always cost a fortune.
Here are a few examples of decorating and accessories we have found that can be used in any room but would work really well in a bedroom:


I love the colour of this…

Need Help Choosing Wood Flooring?

wood flooring

If you’re looking to fit some wood flooring, you’ll see there are many options that can make the process very complicated.
The smart approach is to use an interior designer who can keep you on top of recent trends and options.

The process of choosing wood flooring is centered around three main decisions as follows….

1) Which type of wood flooring?

2) What grade of t…

Have An Unloved Kitchen?

Green Kitchen

Do you have an unloved kitchen, is it looking a bit tired?

Here are a few handy tips to give your own kitchen a Makeover:


First of all, paint…

When you want to instantly revive and refresh an unloved kitchen, paint is the key ingredient.  Think clean & crisp in colours like Green, Neutral, Yellow or White.

Here’s an example w…

Stylish Garden Makeover

garden furniture for a makeover

We have just completed a Garden Furniture Makeover for a client, it was very enjoyable creating a outdoor lounge area, it looks very relaxing.
Here is a few ideas if you decided to update your garden space too.
There are lots of garden furniture and accessories to give your garden a fantastic Makeover this summer, hopefully we will be all spending a lot more time outside relaxing with friends…

Garden Playhouse For The Children

Wooden Garden Playhouse

With the wonderful welcome of the sunshine we now find ourselves outside in the garden.  A great way to entertain the children in the garden is with a Playhouse,  I especially like this one as it is two storey so you could create an upstairs bedroom and downstairs living area.
Here are a few ideas you could do to make it look extra special:
Paint  –  To protect the playhouse it is a good…

De-cluttering Home Office

De-cluttering Office After

The home office is such an easy target for a dumping ground, it’s so easy to shut the door on any mess. Does this make your working day less productive if you can’t seem to find what you want?

When first starting to De-clutter and organise I start one room at a time and bring black bags with me labelled:

1) Sell
2) Recycle
3) Charity Shop
4) Throw Away

When trying to decide what to…