Celebrity Luxury Home For Sale

Celebrity luxury home for sale

If you have a spare 5.5 million pounds in the bank take a look at this Celebrity Luxury Home For Sale.  It belongs to the lovely Anthea Turner “The Perfect Housewife”

luxury home for sale

Anthea Turner is well known for creating fabulous interiors and housekeeping the traditional way, so it’s only to be expected that when she put her Home up for sale that it would be Staged to perfection.  And I’m not disappointed ……….

luxury home for sale

The Family Room has been Interior Designed to perfection with a fabulous calming colour scheme with lots of different textures, which would appeal to most people.  The room looks bright and airy with complementing accent lighting.

luxury home for sale

The dining room compliments the family room by following the colour theme through.  There are a few unique elements to the room, it is de-cluttered and very well presented with a Country Style theme.

luxury home for sale

When dressing your home for sale make sure you have focused on the main rooms of the house, the kitchen, master bedroom, lounge and bathroom.  If homes are presented well then buyers can imagine themselves living there and moving straight in.  Anthea has not only dressed, de-cluttered and cleaned her home, it is presented wonderfully.

luxury home for sale

Anthea’s bedroom colour scheme creates a luxurious feel with whites, creams and browns.  It is minimalist and organised with some gorgeous accessories.

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