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moodboard - girls bedding

Create A Moodboard & Be Inspired Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Whether it’s themed rooms you’re looking for, extra storage or simply clever ways to create space, we’ve come up with a number of different ideas to get your creative juices flowing and by using a moodboard you can put that look together as many times as you like… How to change the look of the room without changing too much…

Moodboard - girl bedding

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We all know that lots of little girls love pink, so here we’ve injected some colour whilst keeping the furniture and floor white to give the impression of space.

The great thing about plain walls is that the bedding pattern can easily be changed to adapt as the child grows older, without having to completely redecorate.

Using pretty bunting, pictures or even fairy lights the look of the room can be changed completely.



As for boys ….. Well, again here we’ve kept the walls and floors plain and brightened the room up with patterned bedding and furnishings making it easy to change the look of the room to grow with your child.

We’ve found a few more bedding ideas which will help you to create that special look/feel depending on the theme you’re for:

Moodboard - boys bedding

Moodboard - boys bedding

moodboard - boys bedding

John Lewis  ••

Marks And Spencer **

John Lewis **


If it’s space you’re trying to create, mirrors will do a great job in giving the illusion of more room.  If you’re feeling really adventurous, there are plenty of mirrors on the market which come in different shapes and designs to give it that extra fun feel.  Take a look at some of these from B & Q  **


moodboard - mirror         moodboard - mirror

Be Clever With Storage

It will come as no surprise that ample storage is an absolute must when it comes to children’s’ bedrooms and there are some fun kiddie friendly character storage boxes at John Lewis ** if you are feeling more adventurous.

There are plenty of Laura Ashley boxes  ** that will look great in an otherwise ‘bright’ room


moodboard - shelving moodboard - boxes Moodboard - storage
John Lewis ** Laura Ashley **  John Lewis  **


Whilst we’re on the subject of creating more space, you can’t get much better than these John Lewis tents  **

moodboard - tentThey do a great job of hiding inevitable mess, whilst still looking fun and colourful at the same time.

By creating a moodboard you can put all of your ideas together to ‘try before you buy’ – you can play around until you get the look you/they love.

Hopefully these ideas have triggered some inspiration for creating that perfect child’s haven!

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