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cherry blossom interiors lamp

The Genie (us) of the lamp

With the daylight hours rapidly diminishing, it is time to start thinking about alternative light sources for those dark winter months. With the right use of lamps, any room can be transformed into a cosy haven, & by using energy saving bulbs you could also save on electricity.  Think floor lamps, table lamps & desk lamps in a variety of styles, here are some handy tips on our favourites…

Floor lamps

cherry blossom interiors floor lamp


For a classic look why not go for a vintage-feel lamp in communal rooms such as the lounge or dining room, like this one from M & S.  An autumn colour like burgundy is guaranteed to make any room feel warmer; although for a more minimalist look white is a good multi-seasonal choice.  The main benefit of a floor lamp is that it is free-standing so there is no need to fork out for that new side table just yet!



cherry blossom interiors floor lamp


They can also be moved freely between rooms and for those home office owners among us these fabulous curved floor lamps are a great way to eliminate the need for a desk lamp & therefore save much-needed workspace. Simply place it next to your desk for a spotlight effect whilst you’re hard at work during winter.


Table lamps

cherry blossom interiors lamps



The variety of table lamps is huge and there is a lot more scope to create your own like these bell jar lamps – think empty glass jars & a basic lampshade, covered with a fabric or pattern of your choice.





cherry blossom interiors lamp

If DIY is not your style, the choice available on the market is vast & we’d recommend using a table lamp to reinforce the theme of communal rooms, think of statement pieces like this vintage lamp. You can also ensure it makes maximum impact by investing in a classic side-table to go with it, John Lewis have a great selection to choose from here. Aside from making a statement in communal rooms, table lamps are also a crucial addition to any bedroom for those cosy evenings in bed. Remember to consider the size of your bedside table when selecting a lamp as you don’t want a huge lamp-base taking up all the space & leaving you no room for your books, water glass, phone, alarm clock & everything else crucial to a good night’s sleep!



Desk lamps

cherry blossom interiors office lamp

With home offices becoming increasingly popular, the range of desk lamps available in stores & on-line is rapidly expanding.  Previously it was all about functionality and utilitarian steel lamps were all the rage, but nowadays the choice is much more varied.

For a more stylish twist on the standard desk lamp, we love this Valencia table lamp from John Lewis,


cherry blossom interiors desk lamp 2Or for those conventionalists amongst you there are ultra-modern options like this LED metal lamp. Whatever your preference, the styles available are plentiful & so as winter 2013 looms why not be adventurous in your choice – you never know, maybe it will have a positive impact on your productivity!

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Bonnie Gean

What a beautiful lamp and I love the OLD look of it, too!

Yes winter is coming – time to think about lighting up the house with warm and glow. 🙂

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Lily-Ann MacDonald

My house is mostly in the shade, and faces north as well – so my natural light is limited at the best of times – so I love lamps … and especially in the antique styles.

Thanks for a lovely article – and now I have to go find that antique lamp! It’s beautiful! 🙂

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    Karen —

    Lamps really do make a difference to houses in the shade. Good luck on your hunt for your antique lamp, i’d love to hear about it know when you find something.

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