4 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Ideas


With Christmas practically round the corner now, the hunt for the perfect tree begins… There are many factors to consider when buying a tree, first and foremost do you opt for real or artificial – both come with pros & cons but this decision can make an impact on how you choose your colour scheme. Once you’ve decided on the type of tree, you then move on to decisions like height, width, branch thickness and volume; and for artificial trees even colour is something to consider! We have come up with some hints & tips on this year’s trends to make your decision a little easier…

Types Of Trees


Pre lit



It’s easy to stick to tradition with some beautiful offerings available on the market. Make the decorating easy with LED-lit branches” ** .  A perfect base for traditional decorations and with such a lush appearance you can keep decorations to a minimum. Why not try a strong base colour like red and just adding a touch of gold here & there.





A Real Tree? 

cones and berries




If you’re toying with a real tree this year but aren’t sure you want to go down the ‘vacuuming up pine needles every day’ route – choose a natural effect tree **  Laura Ashley have some great imitation trees in a range of shapes and sizes.  This one features pine cones and berries so you can really get that outdoorsy feel. A natural effect tree is a great opportunity to try something new with decorations as well; colours that are more feminine are huge this year so focus on rich colours like purple, teal or even pink.




Creative types





2014 has been the year of the Vintage and this year’s Christmas decorations & trees are testament to that. White & gold are all over the place and are easy to incorporate into any design theme regardless of tree.  However, for those looking to fully explore the vintage theme use this all-white tree from Marks & Spencer ** as a source of inspiration.  With a statement tree like this, it’s easy to decorate with a theme.  Retailers like Marks & Spencer ** have a range of gorgeous decorations to suit, including birdcages, owls (huge 2014 trend!) & chandelier baubles.










It’s never been a better time to be outrageous at Christmas and retailers are well aware, so this year a range of more contemporary trees have popped up all over the place including John Lewis & Marks & Spencer. If an off-the-wall tree isn’t quite your bag there are also several ‘alternative’ decorating options trending right now like adding a touch of black, animal print & incorporating elves & 3D objects into Christmas tree decorations **.  Whatever you decide to do with your Christmas tree this year – don’t be afraid to play with, or stray from, tradition!






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Joan White

Here’s a tree for your collection…

I would love to have this one but I opted for an artificial one about 10 yrs ago and don’t feel I can in good conscience switch till I figure how to environmentally dispose of it. I should have stayed with a real one as where I live we are huge producers of christmas trees and ship the world over. It creates employment.

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    Wow, how fantastic to have a pre-decorated tree Joan? What a time-saver.
    That’s very good of you to consider how to dispose of your artificial tree before investing in a new one.

    Reply »


Yay! Christmas is coming. Which also means it’s coming to the end of the year. What have I accomplished this year? Moving forward plan etc…

Oops…back to the gorgeous christmas trees. Very nice. I like the idea of having real trees but to save the wood, an artificial one is good and long lasting! 😀

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Joy Healey


I have an LED type one. It’s very special to me because my younger son bought it to cheer me up. He used one of his first wages to but it when I was going through a sad time.


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