De-cluttering and Organising your Bathroom

storage - declutter and organise your bathroom

De-cluttering and organising your bathroom before Christmas

With Christmas only two weeks away hopefully you’re feeling relatively prepared – you’ve tidied the key areas of your house including the lounge, kitchen and hallway. However, have you thought about De-cluttering and Organising your Bathroom yet? Regardless of whether you have houseguests or not this year you know you’re probably going to be on the receiving end of a multitude of toiletries so what better time to clear out those dusty cupboards. You could even add a touch of festivity to proceedings with a couple of subtle accessories…see below!

de-cluttering and organising your bathroomNot to repeat ourselves, but your first step is going to be clearing out the excess. Think practically about whether you will ever take enough baths to use all that bubble bath, and aren’t you allergic to that particular brand of body lotion?!

Consider re-gifting some bits and pieces if they’re still in original packaging or donating some to a local charity shop. Then it’s time to think about some storage solutions, this shower caddy from de-cluttering and organising your bathroomDunelm (pictured left) is really versatile as it can stand in a convenient corner or be hung inside or outside your shower.

Also think about utilising some wall-space or the back of the door with some over-door hooks, this one from Dunelm is perfect for those extra towels you’ll need for house guests (pictured right)

storage - de-cluttering and organising your bathroom

Once you’ve considered your storage options think about some little added extras to make the room a little more presentable to guests. It’s very easy to neglect your bathroom as a simple necessity space but with a few minor touches you can turn it into a relaxing haven.

With regard to practicalities think about investing in a subtle toilet roll holder like this dark rattan one from M & S (pictured left).

storage - declutter and organise your bathroom

Next think about introducing a theme with the use of bathroom accessories, John Lewis do some great bathroom sets like the Acacia (pictured right) and the great thing is you can purchase items on an individual basis making it easy to mix & match between designs.

For added atmosphere and perhaps a festive touch consider investing in some tea light holders – these will look great as a decoration during the day and will add a relaxing hue in the evening. We love this tea-light holder from Dunelm (pictured left), and the white will go with any colour scheme .

decluttering and organising your bathroom

To add a further hint of festivity you could also purchase some new bathmats in a gorgeous shade of claret, and these ones from B & Q are a bargain at £14.98 for the set (pictured right)


Finally, why not purchase some little festive extras for your guests, or just for yourselves. John Lewis do these lovely towel bundles with a Christmas twist (pictured left), and let’s face it there’s nothing nicer than a fresh new towel to start the day!

Hopefully the above has given you some ideas for your bathroom this Christmas so you can make sure this important room doesn’t let the rest of your house down!

 Karen Birney

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