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Clutter Free Home

DeCluttering And Organising To Get A Clutter Free Home


With Christmas fast approaching  we are starting with the bedroom wardrobe on our clutter free home.

My wardrobe can get ever so messy, so I like to have a good sort out as the seasons change.   I check if anything needs mending, recycling or throwing.

Starting is the best way, a room at a time.  Here are some Tips for Clutter Free Home for your wardrobe:


clutter free home


  •  Turn all the hangers ** the opposite way round in your wardrobe, then as you wear clothes put them back in the right way round! This way you can see what you actually wear, and chuck/E-bay/charity shop the rest!
  • Get everything out from the bottom of your wardrobe, do you actually use all of those bags and shoes? Be honest, only put back what you will really wear.
  • Have you collected things and hide them under your bed? This week challenge yourself to empty this space, hoover it then anything that goes back under is neatly labelled in a storage box.


We will be looking at other spaces in your home too over the coming weeks, please keep popping by and checking the tips.

Do you have any tips for a clutter free home or how to become clutter free?

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Clutter Free Home Karen Birney

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