De-cluttering Home Office

De-cluttering Office After

The home office is such an easy target for a dumping ground, it’s so easy to shut the door on any mess. Does this make your working day less productive if you can’t seem to find what you want?

When first starting to De-clutter and organise I start one room at a time and bring black bags with me labelled:

1) Sell
2) Recycle
3) Charity Shop
4) Throw Away

When trying to decide what to Keep ask these questions:

1) Do I really need it?
2) Do I use it
3) Do I like it?
4) How many of them do I need?

Also check that the item is in the correct room, it could be better used somewhere else.

Once we had de-cluttered it’s time to think about organising with Files, Storage Boxes, Filing Cabinets and Pretty Boxes. Start grouping like with like and begin tidying up. This can take a while so you may find it easier to do in blocks on time and not all in one go.

As you can see from the After photograph, this home office now looks so much better, clean and tidy with everything to hand.

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Danny Simpson —

Great ideas for de-cluttering my office!

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