DeCluttering Your Kitchen

decluttering your kitchen

It’s six weeks until Christmas so let’s focus on a plan DeCluttering your kitchen.

After the lounge this is probably the room where you’ll spend most of your time over Christmas – maybe even more so if you’re the one cooking the Christmas dinner this year. With such an important role to play in the Christmas day celebrations, its important that your kitchen has capacity for that final pre-Christmas shop, and that you have enough workspace to prepare the culinary delights on the day – after all those vegetables wont chop and cook themselves will they?

organised kitchen

cluttered cupboards

As tends to be the theme with de-cluttering, it helps to have a good old-fashioned clear out to start. Dig right to the back of those dustycorner cupboards and think about whether you’re ever going to eat that two year-old can of spam, or whether you really need 8 cans of beans in stock! Think about what you could do with any surplus food, Christmas can be a difficult time for many so pop along to a local homeless shelter or Salvation Army centre and make a donation. Not only will you be doing a good deed but you’ll also be making someone else’s Christmas a little better.

decluttering your kitchen organiser


Next, organise your cupboards. Throughout the year it’s easy to build up clutter in your kitchen and you’ll find all sorts of things squirrelled aw ay that you probably thought you’d never see again! Maybe even some forgotten cracker toys from last year!  Think of novel ways to use the space you have, make sure the pots & pans you’re going to need for Christmas are easily accessible.

decluttering your kitchen extendable shelf


Space savers like this gadget hook & extendable shelf  from Dunelm can be a great way to save drawer space and make those regularly used items much easier to find.  They’re also ideal for some wrap-around tinsel decoration to inject Christmas into the kitchen!

decluttering your kitchen pan organiser


Further to space saving you could also introduce a traditional rustic theme into your kitchen at the same time, with products like this gorgeous wooden ceiling pan rack from John Lewis. These sorts of hanging items will add some real character to your kitchen and again, are ideal for decorating with tinsel & baubles as well as making items easier to find.


decluttering your kitchen

Once you’ve cleared, organised and tidied your kitchen you can start introducing some Christmas elements into the mix. There are some great ideas on Pinterest on ways to accessorise your kitchen. You can also try incorporating kitchen utensils into traditional Christmas decorations like mini trees or wreaths.



Whatever you decide, we’re sure if you follow our simple guidelines above you’ll be well on the way to having a Christmas-ready kitchen!

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Great idea to get organised now!
I’m facing a challenge which is that I recently have adopted the GAPS diet to deal with some health issues I had (and it’s working!).
However this means that I’ve now got a yoghurt maker, I’m making and storing loads of stocks and soups and starting to ferment vegetables too.
The next stage means I need to start juicing too so that’s another piece of equipment! I’ve already got my yoghurt maker on the dining room table and glass jars and pans all over the place in a very small kitchen.
Any suggestions as to what to do? Moving house or extending the kitchen are not an option right now… 😉

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Guy Martin

Hi Karen,

Everything looks pretty organized already.
I think it’s a good thing to clean out the cupboard on a seasonal basis and to give to charity is always a wonderful thing to do.

It sure makes it easier to invite friends and family over to dinner when everything is in it’s place.

BTW I like the looks of the walls of your blog.


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Jan Kearney

My Kitchen is so small a declutter is badly needed! Not sure I’ll be wrapping tinsel around anything though…

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Joy Healey

My de-cluttering is done by my lovely sons who, having left home, return every so often and go through my kitchen cupboards throwing away out-of-date tins etc etc at regular intervals.

Wonder how I can get them to apply the same rigor to their own bed-rooms! LOL

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Wendy Bottrell

I have just decluttered the kitchen. Very good feeling to have less. Actually gone through many rooms and am feeling in general much lighter. Thanks for the ideas. Best Regards, Wendy

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Yesterday several pans, bowls and assorted junk landed on my head as I struggled to find the one bowl I actually needed! My kitchen is tiny and crammed..yep it needs de-cluttering. Frankly the thought of cooking Christmas dinner in there fills me with dread!

A timely post…
Sarah 🙂

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