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diet sheet

 diet sheet

Why Use A Diet And Exercise Printable

I have been using my iPhone as a diary for the last few years but lately I’ve been getting in a bit of a mess with organising all of the extra papers I like to carry around.  So, I have moved back onto my beloved paper-based diary for the last few months and really enjoying having everything at my fingertips.

I have bought an A5 diary as then I can easily pop it in my handbag.   I have a purchased a Filofax with a business page per day ** refill as it has appointments 7am – 8pm and notes on the right hand side, as I seem to have plenty of Tasks to complete too.

In my diary, one of the sheets I like to print and keep with me is my diet and exercise sheet, it helps me to keep on track, but I also just love lists.  If this were something you would like to add to your diary, it can be printed below for Free.

diet and exercise example

Along the left hand side is the days of the week, starting with Monday and along the top are the headings:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Exercise

I have customised the sheet in A4, so it is easily printed and can be hole-punched and folded into your diary.

diet and exercise folded sheet

Why is keeping track of your diet and exercise important?

  • Water is so important for us but unless you keep a note do you tend to forget to have any at all?
  • Keeping track of your food diary means you can easily see how varied your diet is.
  • This sheet allows you to plan your meals in advance, you could write in the meals to have in advance and pin it to the fridge so the whole family can see what is for dinner.  If you want to save paper each week, you could laminate the printable and use a dry marker on it each week.
  • By logging your exercise (or not) you can see if you are active enough.

If you would like to download the diet and exercise plan you can by clicking on the link below, print it and tell your friends.


Do let me know how you get on.

Good Luck Organising!

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Karen Birney

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There are 8 comments.

Stephanie Nissen

I am like you – as digital as today’s world is, I always come back to paper organization. I recently had to nearly force myself to use the calendar on my phone but I still keep my calendar notebook and the hanging calendar in the kitchen updated! Thanks for the insight on tracking diet and exercise!

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Edward Thorpe

Hi Karen,

I also use pen & paper. I just like the feel and urgency of it.
Edward Thorpe

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Joe Cheray

I have tried keeping notes on my phone and it is really good for grocery lists and short notes nothing huge. I love to write things out still when it comes to having to do any kind of actual work before entering any of it into the PC. There is that hand to brain thing that writing helps solidify that tapping on a phone just can’t fulfill.

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Steve Thomas

Hi Karen,
Great post and thanks for the insight into how you manage things. If there’s one thing I strive to be it’s organised. Sadly my exercise and diet management don’t get the same level of dedication as other things in my life. A simple plan like this could really help.

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I still use pen and pencils in the condition of emergency and while I’m on the way.
nice post. enjoyed it.

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