Garden Playhouse For The Children

Wooden Garden Playhouse

With the wonderful welcome of the sunshine we now find ourselves outside in the garden.  A great way to entertain the children in the garden is with a Playhouse,  I especially like this one as it is two storey so you could create an upstairs bedroom and downstairs living area.

Here are a few ideas you could do to make it look extra special:

Paint  –  To protect the playhouse it is a good idea to paint it, there are some fabulous colours in the shops.  I like creating the Country look by painting it Cream and Green.Cherry Blossom Interiors Garden Makeover Paint

Curtains  –  With some pretty fabric you could give the playhouse a makeover too.  If you are handy with the sewing machine some green gingham curtains would look great.

playhouse fabric

I also found lots of fabulous accessories to go inside from IKEA.  You could pile up lots of cushions to make a bedroom den upstairs.

And add a kitchen/dining area with table , chairs, kitchen sink and cooker, with pots and pans would look great.

Playhouse kitchen

We have decorated two outdoor wooden playhouses last summer, if you would like to do this but need some more help or ideas contact us today for some more information.


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