Have An Unloved Kitchen?

Green Kitchen

Do you have an unloved kitchen, is it looking a bit tired?

Here are a few handy tips to give your own kitchen a Makeover:


Green Kitchen


First of all, paint…

When you want to instantly revive and refresh an unloved kitchen, paint is the key ingredient.  Think clean & crisp in colours like Green, Neutral, Yellow or White.

Here’s an example we LOVE.



artificial flowers



Secondly, accessories…

Adding a splash of colour with accessories totally changes the look of any room, particularly if you’ve got some neutral walls present – think of them as a blank canvas for your chosen pieces.

You could add coloured cookware, seasonal flowers or artwork.




cleaning kitchen



Thirdly, a good old-fashioned clean…

Why not deep clean your whole kitchen from top to bottom? This will not only make the room cleaner it will also sparkle like new and maybe draw your attention to some areas for improvement that have been hidden for months.




kitchen light


Finally, lighting –

Good, bright lighting is essential when you’re cooking up a storm; no-one wants to eat a meal that resembles the colour of cement under the right light! What’s more, once you’ve given your kitchen that all-important deep clean, bright lighting will make it really sparkle.



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