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Home Makeover in Warrington


I always really enjoy doing Home Makeovers, they are making small changes to an existing room.  They can have massive results afterwards.  In the time we had I looked at three rooms altogether, the Kitchen/Family Room, the Master Bedroom and the Hallway.

We spent time going through the clients likes and dislikes with colours and furniture, working out what would work with the existing style.  I bring lots of catalogues and swatch samples to get instant help.

In this kitchen/family room the client was unsure as to whether knocking the wall down into the dining room would be a good idea or not.  After the meeting I email a report of which items to buy and where to place them.

To help the client visualise whether to take the wall down or not I also provided a 3D image of how the room would look with and without.

home makeover kitchen

The clients very kindly emailed me with their feedback from the meeting with these fabulous comments.

I would advise anyone to take this service up.  I saw it as similar to a personal shopper experience.  I found it extreme fun and enjoyment and felt it was a real treat.  It is great to share ideas with someone else who has a good eye for design and detail and bounce creative ideas off one another.  Ideas that I would not have thought about were given and then shown in the detailed report and it was so beneficial to be able to see it down on paper and not just trying to imagine how it would look.

Karen came fully prepared with swatches and samples and was so positive.  I was impressed how she had obviously memorised detail from her visit to be able to show those things she picked up on and then show them in her report.

This is something I would list on my bucket list!!!!!

Mrs Collins, Warrington

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