Kerb Appeal

The First Impressions of your home is called Kerb Appeal

The front of this house looks ok, but there isn’t anything that stands out to make it different from the rest.   We set to work on this house’s Kerb Appeal and explain how we have done it.


Kerb Appeal Before

Does your home lack Kerb Appeal?

 We show you step by step what we did to this home so you can get your home ready for visitors, especially over the Christmas period.

The pathway needed a good clean, we used a Jet Washer; it has brought the stones up great.


Path Before


 Path After

Path After

Next, we Cleaned all of the windows, we found this fabulous battery operated Window cleaner, it is very easy to use and you just need to wipe the edges of the windows with a cloth to get rid of any excess.  We also wiped down the front door and window sills.

Window Cleaner

The last cut of your lawn will probably have been around October time and it shouldn’t have grown much more since then.  Hopefully it still looks neat, but it will probably need leaves clearing.  Either rake these away or invest in an outdoor vacuum, they are so easy to use.

leaf vac

Next, we got to work adding the accessories to the front of the house.

Bay Trees not only look fantastic, they come in different shapes suitable for every home.


The added bonus is you can add them to your bread sauce on THE big day.

We added colourful winter flowers too on the wall.


This is the finished look of the home, some small inexpensive touches make a huge difference.  Do you think it looks very welcoming?


Kerb Appeal After

 For Christmas we have added red bows to the Bay Trees, a Wreath to the door, gorgeous small Christmas trees line the pathway and snowflake lights into the windows.

Christmas Bay Tree



Please comment below, we would love to hear how you got on with your Kerb Appeal.

Karen Birney

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There are 6 comments.


Amazing the difference a few simple finishing touches adds to the front of the house!

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Bonnie Gean

I noticed your door color went from white to black. Did you paint it just for the holidays? 🙂

Reply »

    Karen —

    Hi Bonnie, Well spotted! 🙂 It was painted in the summer to be in-keeping with the Georgian Style of house. I love it, do you?

    Reply »

Pamela Arslanian —

Lovely elegant frontage to your home. Sadly my semi circular block paved driveway could never look so good as I have to park my car in front of the door! Looks good without the car there! I will go with the baskets you’ve shown (on either side of my door). Love your ideas on all the rooms you’ve shown.

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