Lamp Designs For The Living Room

lamp designs - table lamp


By being clever and creative using different lamp designs, you are able to quickly and cheaply change how the whole room looks and feels.  In fact, you could say that you get a completely new ambience and a room makeover for the cost of a few new lamps.


However, you may be one of those people who sometimes get a little overwhelmed when faced by too many choices which means that making decisions can be stressful and choosing a new lamp could easily fall into this class. Therefore, just to give you a bit of focus here are a few suggestions.


Different Lamp Designs For Your Living Room


lamp designs - table lamp

The living room is generally the most utilised room in the home and is where the whole family get be together to sit and relax.  A room can take on different functions and roles and because of this the lighting needs to be adaptable.

It makes sense to have a variety of different types of lamp designs so that different moods can be created such as bright ceiling lighting, low lighting coming from table-top lamps or free-standing standard lamps.


Ceiling Lamp Designs

Initially a lot depends on the size of this room as a big room, with high ceilings will mean that a big and perhaps quite ornate ceiling light fitting can be used.  An old house such as a Victorian style will generally take the larger fittings as the ceilings are quite high and the rooms larger than average so a lamp fitting with a drop can be accommodated.  A more modern house with lower ceilings will need a shorter fitting and a more modern design may be preferred.

The bigger the room the more light will be needed so a lamp fitting with several bulbs is a good choice.  Here are just a few ideas to help to inspire you:

lamp designs  The Range under £40 **

lamp designsDunelm Mill under £40 ••

lamp designs

B & Q under £100 ••

Floor Lamp Designs

Free-standing lamps on the floor are excellent for creating ambience and mood in a room and in particular for the sitting room where a lower level of lighting is required to change the mood of the room.  The strong overhead lighting can sometimes be too bright and overwhelming and so a change of light is needed.  Floor standing lamps are very versatile as they can be moved around and when you change the decor in the room you can usually just buy a new lampshade to match the decor without needing to go to the expense of buying complete new lamps.

Again, as with the ceiling lights floor lamps come in modern designs, traditional designs, down-lighters, up-lighters and spotlights.  Phew, quite a choice to make.

When making your choice try to consider the general decor of the room and indeed the light fitting of the ceiling.  If the room theme is modern then stay with modern, if traditional then stay traditional.

Here are just a few ideas of the different types of floor lamp designs.

lamp designs dumelm mills

Modern Floor Lamp ••

M & S Lamp Designs

Moroccan lamp designs

Moroccan Floor Lamp ••

Good lighting can make or break the room and in the living room it is really important to have more than one lighting option.  Take time to look around and get ideas for different lamp designs before making a purchase so that you create a room that you and your family love to be in.  The living room is often the heart of your home where you relax with your loved ones so make sure that you make it a very special room where you all want to be.

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