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moodboard - living room

The Living Room is a key room in any home.  It’s the central-stage for gatherings of friends, family and guests – and the place for relaxing and being yourself


moodboard - living room


A living room needs to span this mix of uses, from best foot forward – as the inviting face of the home to outsiders, to welcoming and relaxing for down time.  Its a space where you want to treat guests but equally put them at ease with themselves and for your own enjoyment too.

How to create this balance of super smart & welcoming in your living room?  I’ve been doing a few living room makeovers recently: This is a moodboard on some living room essentials I’ve found that work in well in a variety of homes.


John Lewis offers a fantastic service, you can design your own ** living room seating from shape, size to fabric.

Key advice

1) Go for a 3 seater whenever possible plus higher the back the better, both visually and for comfort 🙂

2) Rather than individual cushions, go for one long piece.  Much more comfortable and flexible.

moodboard - sofa

moodboard - chair


How about pairing with a chaise longue ** for something a bit different?







Less is more – play with height, shapes and colour.

This terrarium vase  ** is striking and unusual – and a cactus or succulent inside will last and last.  It adds a bit of interesting geometry and a hint of warmth and the tropical.

moodboard - vase





Or if you are looking for something that allows the flowers to shout, this classic ** comes in a variety of sizes

moodboard - vase










Striking floor lights ** like this elegant brass one from John Lewis provide warmth and focus.

moodboard - light

moodboard - light



Or this lamp with its angle poise ** at the top adds a bit
of reach into a room








Elegant Television Stand

This lovely piece by Conran ** creates a subtle stand for a television and comes in four different wood types.

moodboard - tv unit


Soft beige curves ** provide a lovely backdrop to a room, or a soft geometric weave **.

moodboard - wallpaper

moodboard - wallpaper


A rug can be a super addition to your living room

This is simple ** and yet colourful

moodboard - rug








This is a fabulous rug ** to liven up any room.

moodboard - rug








There are some great things to be found right now for a variety of budgets that can bring a living room to life – let me know what you find out there – or get in touch and I will hone my search specifically to your personal tastes!

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