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Home Makeover Meeting Wirral Uk


When I arrived at this Home Makeover Meeting I brought lots of magazines, colour samples and brochures for inspiration, we sat down with a coffee and chatted through what the clients wanted to achieve in their Living Room.

  • Update the living room to a more modern look, suggest colours and styles.
  • Create storage for toys and games.
  • Advice on whether to remove the fireplace.
  • New Seating Layout.

Here are the before photographs of the room:

living room bf2  - wirral uk          lounge bf 1 - wirral uk


living room bf3 - wirral uk          bf living room - wirral uk

As you can see from the photographs, the living room is nice it just needed a bit of updating.

Next, we talked about colours the clients liked and did not like, also styles of furniture and how certain items needed to work for the family.

We then look through magazines for inspiration and I start to create a shopping list of items to purchase within budget.

wirral uk living room


Next is the fun part – the shopping 😀  Organising Deliveries and trades to complete the necessary DIY jobs, if you plan to do yourself you can save money.

I always really enjoy being invited back to see the afters from the Home Makeover meeting, it is such a pleasure to see a client introduce their room with a huge amount of pride.  And this one wasn’t any different, it looked so good, What do you think?  Do you like the colours?

It looked so much brighter when I walked in, the room really suited these colours and it was working well for the family.

after - wirral uk    after1 - wirral uk

after - wirral uk     after 4 - wirral uk

Feedback from our client:

“The Whole experience was great; Karen makes you feel really confident about making radical changes.  I am really pleased with the end result.  The room is much more spacious, light and practical for us as a family.  I would definitely recommend Cherry Blossom Interiors”

Mrs C, Wirral Uk


renovation - Karen Birney

renovation - KAREN signature


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