DeCluttering And Organising Your Living Room

Organising Your Christmas Lounge

With almost 7 weeks until Christmas, it’s time to start de-cluttering and organising your living room.

Organising Christmas living room

We recommend you start de-cluttering and organising your living room, especially over Christmas because we all spend most of our time in there once the winter months hit.

For most of us it’s the room where the Christmas tree will be set up, where the presents will be opened and enjoyed and where inevitably you’ll all doze off after (or maybe during!) the Queens’s speech.

Christmas is the season to be charitable so don’t be a Scrooge, have a critical look at your living room and think about how much you really like those old cushions, or whether you really need all those books/DVD’s/CD’s? Fill a shoebox & take it to your local charity shop.

Donations at Christmas are always warmly welcomed & we guarantee you’ll feel good about yourself afterwards.  For any entrepreneurial sorts, why not try your hand at selling some big-ticket items on eBay or Gumtree, at this time of year, everyone is looking for a bargain and you’re bound to make a sale!

organising  tidy sidey

Once you’ve been organising out the excess, consider smart storage solutions. Think less The Apprentice’s ‘Tidy Sidey’!  & more along the lines of storage as a design feature. For example, consider the items that inevitably end up cluttering your living and how you can ensure these are always kept in a certain place.

organise living room

These heart-shaped baskets from John Lewis ** are guaranteed to bring a bit of love to any room and is a perfect home for various remote controls that inhabit any living room.

organising living room storage

On the large scale, think about larger storage solutions like storage chests or trunks, which can conveniently be turned into extra living room seating when the family descend on you at Christmas.  This Laura Ashley ** storage bench is bound to make an impression and can be styled to your taste with cushions or throws.


organising - christmas cushion

Why not try throwing in a bit of festive cheer with a cushion like this one from Dunelm  **

organising - book shelves

Finally, cast an eye over any areas of your living room that might constitute wasted space such as corners, alcoves or under stairs and think about how or how you could be organising the space.  Think about more prominently displaying things like bookshelves, maybe investing in a whole wall set of shelves to store books, CD’s, DVD’s and ornaments to create a home-made feature wall.

This country cottage shelving unit from Laura Ashley ** is perfect for a bit of content customisation.

In summary, there are 3 steps to re organising your living room, or any room:

  •  Clear out
  •  Organise
  •  Create storage features rather than just ‘tidying away’


Have you started organising your home ready for Christmas?

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Organinising - Karen Birney

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There are 10 comments.

Edward Thorpe

Very sensible tips for getting your home ready for Xmas.

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I am just starting to de-clutter our living room after finishing my daughters playroom last week! It’s such a liberating experience getting rid of things you no longer need!

Reply »

Amanda @ Move Love Eat

What?! 7 weeks until Christmas….. How did that happen? I love the shelving unit too!

Reply »

Sue Worthington

Yes it is a good time for a real good clean and clear out.
I bought a huge tree a few years ago and no matter how much I reorganise it will not fit the living room.
So it goes in the dining room but then we don’t get the benefit of looking at it all the time.
I think t is time for me to buy a smaller one for the living room.

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    Oh that’s a shame your tree won’t fit Sue. There are some fantastic trees about, I’m doing a blog post on a few next Monday, keep a look out for it.

    Reply »

Joe Cheray

I’ve been working on down sizing so it isn’t so hard to clear out my living room when I get ready to have this laminate flooring installed. It’s coming along. I can’t wait to get it going.

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