Master Bedroom Moodboard

bedroom moodboard

Master Bedroom Moodboard

Here’s a Master Bedroom Moodboard – I’ve pulled together my best finds from my recent work on clients’ master bedrooms.  Hope you find it useful!

Putting together a master bedroom moodboard is a wonderful job, few things give me more pleasure – so if you are looking to bring your bed room back to life and are struggling – give me a call!  07792 022 418.

I can make you a bespoke master bedroom moodboard to suite your personal tastes. Some of the big successes that I’ve had recently have come from the following items – these are the things that my clients have really got excited about.


Replacing your current bed with a big king size, comfortable bed with substantial headboard and footrest is a great starting point – like this beauty from Made **.  The button detail and fabric is comforting yet elegant too – brings a great shape to a master bedroom, they do great mattresses too.

bed moodboard


It’s great to find the perfect throw that cheers when you make the bed in the morning and welcomes at night.  This super double sided one ** offers you two pattern options in one or this faux fur throw ** in a neutral colour to work with any colour scheme.

 throw moodboardthrow moodboard  Sheets

And don’t scrimp on new sheets!  Percale washes and dries the easiest, but you might enjoy the texture of linen or a high thread count cotton.  It’s a great idea to refresh with at least one new set of sheets and pillow cases a year – good to look out for in the sales.


Master bedrooms should encourage indulgence.  It’s amazing how many clients think first about the communal rooms – and only last about their own bed room.  I think on top of the basic pillows, 3 cushions as a minimum.  And of course that magic number then gives you room for a bit of variety and fun.

These cushions work well together, I would place the Mulberry cushion ** behind the floral one, ** this then makes the Mulberry colour in the floral cushion stand out. **

cushion moodboard

cushion moodboard



Sleep requires good curtains.  No question.  If you haven’t already then get straightforward blackout lining ** in white from John Lewis, then think about the fabric for the room.

For a master bedroom curtains think about weight and texture, comfort and luxury, nature and romance.   These ** are a good starting point, a pretty and classic leaf design in a good quality fabric.

Or these lovely natural floral damask pattern.

curtains moodboardcurtains moodboard



If you have the space having seating in a Master Bedroom can turn it into a boutique looking hotel.   This ** from is so elegant.

seat moodboard

 This is an interesting alternative – from John Lewis‘ ** in stylish oak.

seat moodboard

Bedside tables and lights

side table moodboard

A neat bedside table and light can finish the master bedroom look.  Something like this ** would fit well into most schemes and put together with a good quality elegant bedside lamp  **.

lamp moodboard

 These are just some of my most recent good finds!  Hope you’ve found this Master Bedroom Moodboard useful!  Do get in touch if you want to talk more – or I can create a mood board specifically for your own tastes and interests.

moodboard - KAREN signature

moodboard - Karen Birney

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