Need Help To Organise Paperwork?

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It can become overwhelming trying to Organise Paperwork with all of the in school and after school activities, school letters and diary dates.


Organise Paperwork

I wanted to share with you what system I use to keep order at home to organise paperwork.  I have bought a nice Inbox (that matches my décor) that is kept on top of the worktop in the Kitchen.

When your children come home from school, encourage them to place any school letters, party invitations and homework straight into the Inbox.

Also incoming mail and things that need to be actioned go into the Inbox too.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to see the clutter of these pieces of paper so I like to action them as quickly as possible.

As soon as you pick up one of the pieces of paper from the Inbox try to deal with it straight away or by making time in your diary to action them.

*  Popping the party date into your diary and RSVP.

*  Make time to sit down with the children to do homework, get it out of the way.

*  Book necessary appointments.

*  Add school dates to your diary so you can plan ahead.


 I’d love to hear your feedback if this helped you organise paperwork for you and your family, comment below.

Karen Birney

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