Organise Your Guest Room

Spring Clean bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom in your home and guests are planning to stay with you this Christmas, we have some suggestions to organise your guest room now to take the pressure off on the lead up to the festive season.


Organise Your Guest Room

When tackling any room I start by bringing black bags into the room to clear any clutter that has just been placed in the room.

I label the black bags:

  • recycling/charity
  • throw away
  • sell/ebay

Anything that doesn’t belong in this room needs to be taken to the relevant room.

This process can take a good few hours, if you find this overwhelming tackle in half hour slots.  We offer a de-cluttering service if you think it would help having someone else helping too.

Spending a night in your guest bedroom is always a great idea, this helps to check guests will have essentials available for their stay.

Check the pillows are comfortable, and they have a mirror suitable to put make-up on and there is a socket nearby for a hairdryer.


Organise Your Guest Room - bedside lamp


Are all of the light bulbs working?  Could you do with updating bedside lamps? This one is timeless and very reasonable.



Organise Your Guest Room - guest bedding


Do you need to replace the bedding?  This one from Dorma is fabulous quality and very festive looking.




Organise Your Guest Room - canvas wardrobe


Making some space to hang your guests clothes in the wardrobe is a good idea too.  If you are struggling to do this, how about a canvas one?  These are great because they can be folded back away when not in use.




When you organise your guest room, then adding some finishing touches, think chic hotel bedroom, relaxing, cosy and comfortable.

Organise Your Guest Room - chic guest bedroom

 I’d love to hear how you get on, please comment below

Organise Your Guest Room - Karen Birney

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