Organising A Childrens Bedroom

Organising a children's bedroom - cherry blossom interiors

Organising A Childrens Bedroom


This week we are look at childrens bedrooms.  Mainly children’s bedrooms are cluttered with Toys and Clothes, below is the process I go through to de-clutter and organise their room.

When I start in any room, I bring black bags and labels with me to make piles.

Organising A Children's Bedroom - Cherry Blossom Interiors


In the childrens bedrooms these piles are:

Clothes grown out of – I Label the bag – “To go to the charity shop/sell on eBay”

Seasonal clothes –  vacuum pack and store in the loft with the bag labelled – “name and age”.

I pull everything out of the wardrobe and chest of drawers and place into the relevant pile.  All of the clothes that are staying in the room are hung in the wardrobe neatly.  I keep ‘like’ items together, e.g., t-shirts, jumpers, trousers, dresses, coats, school wear.  This works for me as I can easily pick items to go together.


Next moving onto toys:

Broken Toys – Label bag – “For recycling or to bin”.

Grown out of toys – Label bag – “To go to charity shop/sell on eBay”.

I buy storage boxes for keeping ‘like’ toys together. e.g., trains, cars, dolls,  something like these from Amazon are great because they are big enough to store toys but keep neatly under their beds.

Once you have done this process not only will your childrens bedroom be organised it will make room for more toys this Christmas 😉

Leave a comment below with how you get on.

Organising a children's bedroom - cherry blossom interiors


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Lewis —

There’s nothing like being tidy and organised! In my house the mess extends beyond the kids’ room, they leave their toys and clothes all over the place haha…. It’s definitely time to start categorising what’s old / out of date, what can go into storage until next summer, what can go to charity and what we can sell on Ebay. Great post, really helpful.

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