Packing Your Decorations Away

Packing Your Decorations Away - box

We Have Found A Few Things To Help With Packing Your Decorations Away Ready For Next Christmas

Preparation is the key. Don’t start packing your Home Decorations away at random as come Christmas 2014 you’ll end up spending a vast amount of time sorting through everything again!

Packing Your Decorations Away - Bauble Box

Instead work methodically, going room by room and investing in some storage solutions first, like this bauble box which is available from Amazon & many other retailers.

A more logical approach will make the following Christmas a much more relaxed affair and will also mean your chosen storage area (be it loft space, under stairs or a handy cupboard) will remain tidy throughout the year, you might even find you can fit more in!

We would advise you start packing your decorations away by room if you tend to use the same items in each room every year. This will mean when you come to put things back up next Christmas you’ll have the right items already arranged – to aid this why not buy some colour-coded or labelled storage boxes for larger items like wreaths, tinsel & garlands.

There are lots to choose from in some really nice designs and Dunelm stock a huge range, we like this one  which is large enough for Christmas decorations.

Once you have these boxes in place you can label them as required and then stack them neatly. The same principle applies if you’d rather organise your decorations into colours – use large storage boxes and label accordingly, you could even source relevantly coloured boxes to reflect the decorations inside if you’re feeling super efficient.


Collapsible baskets are also a great alternative if you don’t fancy boxes, they’re particularly useful because when they’re not in use you can simply fold them down and store them almost anywhere! This one from Dunelm is great.  Be sure to think about whether you have enough suitable storage boxes/baskets etc before packing your decorations away as this will make the process much quicker & easier – you could also get a bargain in the post-Christmas sales!

Whilst all these storage solutions are a great way of packing your loose decorations away they wont be much help with your Christmas tree. Every year we struggle to get the tree back in its inevitably tattered box, branches are bent, things are snapped, bases break. So this year why not try a more novel approach? We recommend trying some shrink wrap, it works in the same way as vacuum packing but will effectively shrink the size of your tree by gently compressing the branches – you might even be able to leave the lights, & even decorations, on it for next year!

Christmas tree down

We hope this article has inspired you when it comes to packing your decorations away with care this year, whilst it may take a little longer all will be rewarded next Christmas when you experience the joy of unpacking organised and categorised decorations. You should find that there is less damage, you can find everything you expected to, and certain decorations are grouped together for ease meaning less expense and less time needed in the long-term.

Do you organise your Christmas decorations?

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