Preparing to sell your home with Home Staging

Preparing to sell your home

Preparing to sell your home with Home Staging

Decorating a home is personalising it, Home Staging is

about de-personalising to sell well.


preparing to sell your homeWhen preparing to sell your home it is important to look at the size, function and qualities of each room.  Preparing to sell your home is essential for helping the buyer envision themselves in the home and create a positive, lasting impression so they want to own it!

The aim with the Home Staging process is to tone down your individual taste and to get your home de cluttered, organised and simply decorated to sell quickly and at an optimal price.  Its common currency in the US housing market, and we are following in the UK – you can give yourself an invaluable lead by Home Staging your property with care.

Here are my best tips on preparing to sell your home, which hold true for a 1 room flat or a 40 room mansion.


Home Staging 

“The eye has to travel” said Dree Vreeland, one of the most influential authorities in fashion and a valuable source of inspiration when preparing to sell your home.

Home Staging - Dree Vreeland in her living room

A potential buyer’s eye will travel quickly, scanning rooms and coming to a decision in an instant.  When preparing to sell your home there is a balance between ensuring there is interest but that its de-personalised; give the impression they could walk in instantly and make it their own.

3 key steps when preparing to sell your home

1) De Cluttering & De personalising

First job is to remove anything unnecessary and unattractive from your visitors’ line of sight.  This is about “de-personalisation” – a potential buyer is working hard to translate your home into somewhere they could live in their mind.  You want to make their work as easy as possible.

There are some obvious wins here – but worth outlining for your check list:

Coats, clothes, shoes – all should be in cupboards, on hangers or in baskets.

This teal trunk Home Staging - Teal Trunk** could be a simple time saver particularly for families – and could double as a coffee table.

Papers, magazines, keys, knitting needles etc should be tidied away.

Home Stagin - Pendan Boxes

These attractive lined boxes ** made from pandan leaves are a lovely unusual shape and light colour – a hint of the tropical climate for hallways or shelves.

Top tip – check Ebay for recycled products!

Hide electrical cords by using clear tape to pin them carefully to follow the edges of tables or the walls if necessary.  Use a box to store computer and phone plus or a cord tidy ** so no ugly trails are on view.

Viewers are not just looking at the superficial design details; they are also judging the home-owner they might be doing business with.  Strong presentation and an eye for detail will help them to build confidence and trust without meeting you.

Once all surfaces are clear of mess, walls and windows are easily visible – you’ve got a good foundation to move onto the next stage of Home Staging.

2) Renovating, Decorating and Furniture

Now your home is clear of everyday clutter, you will quickly be able to see what work needs to be done to remedy any wear and tear – or turn the decorating up a notch.

Are there patches of discoloured paintwork or cracks that need attention?   Can you see finger marks on windows or tears in curtains or blinds?  Are tiles looking tired?  If so, then these all need sorting.

Use tester pots of paints to match what you have if you don’t have any spare – the cheapest option.  This little gadget lets you fill a pen with a paint of your choice making touching up easy.

Call the window cleaner in to do the outsides, and you can do the inside windows.

Grout ReviverBathroom tiles are a real downer if any mould or discolour is seen in the grout.  Get an anti mould pen and bring them back to their original white.  Also, check the silicon in the windows and around the bath to see if that needs redoing.

Home Staging - floral decorationRemove any old or dead plants.  As you can never tell how long the viewing process will be, it can be worth investing in some artificial plants or stems that dry easily so have the longest life span. These are good value with a dash of colour for Home Staging a room.

Next, it’s worth getting your creative ideas going to see where you can create some great looks where they might just be ok.

Useful investments when preparing to sell your home at this time of change are throws and bedspread.  You can take them with you easily to your next home, and they instantly revive a room at a fairly small outlay.

Home Staging - Bedspread


This bedspread ** is super simple for a bedroom, and feels up to date with the broad stripes.

Home Staging - Woollen Blanket

This blanket ** with a nice wide check would bring warmth to a living room or a kitchen and some subtle colour.

Generally speaking, the smaller the room, the less decoration to introduce. However, it can be fun to break this rule slightly too with a bright and interesting cushion.

This round stripey one  ** is fun and hits the stripe trend neatly.


Home Staging - Curtain Ties

Another neat bit of micro-decorating for maximum impact could be putting in some ties ** for your curtains.

Coordinating colour in a small way can really bring an extra something to bring a room to life for Home Staging a property for sale.



3) Dressing your rooms

This is the stage that may take most of your attention and is fun too.

As you will no doubt be moving soon, it’s probably not the time to spend on furniture, but be creative with what you have.

Style your corners

It’s nice to have a chair in each bedroom preferably with its back to a corner and turned in.  Placing 1 or 2 interesting photography or design books can look welcoming.

Style your bookcases

Bookshelves are where you can have some fun with your creativity!  There are some lovely options to help bring them to life and introduce a big of character into a room.

Organising your books by their spine colour rather than author or title, can create a wonderful rainbow effect that is great fun. Alternatively minimize the books you have out, and pile horizontally in well-spaced sections across your shelves, like this.

Home Staging - Uncluttered bookshelves

Enjoy mixing pictures and vases in with your chosen books to create different height levels and add interest and layers and depth within an alcove or shelf space.

Home Staging - Floral VaseLook through your cabinets and find one or two vases or crockery that is pretty and worth putting out on show.

If nothing appeals, these recycled glass vases ** are cheap and very pretty. This larger floral vase  ** is stunning but also discrete – perfect for Home Staging.


Home Staging - DIY Bottles

DIY Coloured bottles – add more than a splash of colour and interest.  Simply take your collection of glass bottles, poor in colour and swirl, then leave upside down to dry.  Looks fabulous if you can do a spectrum.

Home Staging - Jars with objects

Or on the other hand, fill apothecary jars with interesting bits and pieces or roper or ribbon. Lovely ideas that make a home memorable for Home Staging.


Style your bathroom

Toothbrushes, pastes, mouthwash should all be neatly stored.

If you haHome Staging - Shower Curtainve or need a shower curtain ** think about adding a second so they draw in from either side.  A very simple and cheap way to create the effect of luxury and care.  And invest in a fabric exterior curtain for the full effect.

If you can afford it, have a set of show towels for viewing days – or keep a set you already have clean and fresh for Home Staging on those days.



Style your front door

An easy way to maHome Staging - Front Doorke an impact – make sure your door is clean, perhaps a plant to the side and maybe a new knocker.

Final every day touches include emptying the bins regularly!  A boring but essential Home Staging task.





I hope these Home Staging tips have helped – I’d love to hear you’re tried and tested Home Staging ideas.  And if you need more professional Home Staging help from me do get in touch too!

Good luck with preparing to sell your home!  Let me know the results 🙂


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preparing to sell your home - Karen Birney


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