Spring Clean Your Living Room

Spring Clean - cherry blossom tree

Spring Clean Your Living Room

March to April: As the air warms and first daffodils blossom, this is the time of year Spring clean your home – rationalise and de-clutter from the comings and goings of the winter period, and start anew for the summer months ahead.  Here are my personal Spring Clean top tips: create an immaculate home to bring warmth, friendship and good times in the year ahead.

Spring Clean - cherry blossom tree

Cherry Blossom Tree and Daffodils  – Time To Spring Clean Your Home

So when you open your curtains on the newly sunny days, do you see shelves full of clutter and dread the idea of guests coming unannounced?  Let me help you create a fresh start and bring joy and finesse to your home – channel Mary Poppins, roll up your sleeves and put your best intentions and inspired interior dreams to work!

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“In Every Job To Be Done, There Is An Element Of Fun”

Spring Clean The Living Room

Lets start with the Living Room. When you’ve got this room right, it will set the whole tone of your home for your friends and family.

1) De Clutter The Surfaces  Rediscover your shelves and surfaces.  Get rid of multiple books, magazines, cd’s  and pile into boxes then you are ready to Spring Clean and create a fresh start.

Sort through piles of books, magazines and paperwork the year before and be ruthless about what’s needed, and what’s not.  Donate anything good quality but unwanted to Claire House – anything not good enough for a friend should be thrown away or recycled! 

2) Deep Spring Clean.

Key for me to creating a fresh feeling in the home for spring, is getting all the windows crystal clean and sparkling.  I use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water in a recycled spray bottle, I wipe the windows and buff them with the magic E-cloths

And to get all the surfaces and cupboards clean, my tried and tested cleaning technique is Dettol Wipes then buff with an E-cloth, all basics you can get from Waitrose.

I’ve also researched into natural cleaning products – see my previous blog here.

3) Replace and Renew.  Wherspring clean living room footstoole before you had numerous books piled up gathering dust, instead turn to 1 or 2 single pictures to draw the eye towards the larger features and design touches in the room itself.

I love books, however up high on the walls they can be forgotten and are unlikely to be read.  

My answer would be to find a lovely neat foot stool, like this one from, use as a coffeetable and also display one or two books you are reading.

spring clean your living room flowers


I’m ruthless with shelves and bookcases.  If you are fortunate enough to have an alcove, i feel you should show them off, not disguise them with lots of books!  Perhaps a display of flowers such as gorgeous spring bouquet from Marks and Spencer.


4) Introduce Spring Colour with Fresh Accessories


spring clean your lounge - boxes


This is a lovely opportunity to create new order in your home.  These beautiful peony storage files are a great way of injecting some spring feeling into your home organising.




spring clean your living room - cushion

There are also some beautiful cushions to be found to tone with a variety of colours schemes.  This pretty spring magnolia cushion from John Lewis is rather sweet .





But don’t just take my word for it, please do send me your best tips and ideas, I’d love to hear from you!

You could treat your home to one of my Decluttering Packages ,  £199 – give me a call to chat through 07792 022 418.

Spring Clean - Karen Birney




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