Stylish Garden Makeover

garden furniture for a makeover

We have just completed a Garden Furniture Makeover for a client, it was very enjoyable creating a outdoor lounge area, it looks very relaxing.

Here is a few ideas if you decided to update your garden space too.

There are lots of garden furniture and accessories to give your garden a fantastic Makeover this summer, hopefully we will be all spending a lot more time outside relaxing with friends and enjoying looking at the hard work we have put in to our garden.

Does you garden furniture need updating?

If your furniture is wood it can be painted, there are some great colours out there that can totally transform and protect it

Paint to give your garden furniture a makeover

If you would rather replace your garden furniture, we found this whilst in the high street from Marks and Spencer.  This whole display to me looks brilliant and inviting with a great use of colours that compliment each other.  This would also look great if you have a conservatory and wanted to give that a makeover instead.

Garden furniture for a makeover

It is the finishing touches that can really make your garden makeover look extra special with the attention to detail.  Add some colourful solar lights,  candles and pretty flower pots

colourful outdoor garden lights

If you would like to makeover your own garden entertaining area but would like more advice we can do Photograph Consultations if you are struggling for time. Our Makeover service also applies to outside.

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