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Spring Clean Your Bedroom

spring bedding

 How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

If you’re anything like me, the main cluttering issue in the bedroom will be the contents of your wardrobe. It’s best to tackle this sensitive area in an objective mood, and ideally when you’re on a spring clean roll to avoid emotional attachment playing a part.
I think the best way to stay objective is to make 3 distinct piles:
Keep, Maybe and…

Weekly Checklist

weekly checklist

Weekly Organising Checklist
Would you like to be more organised when it comes to running the home?
I use this weekly checklist to keep on top of jobs to do around the home.  It has the following sections for you to fill out –

Housekeeping Jobs
What is for dinner
To do’s
Things to add to your shopping list

Print out the A4 page, fill in the date at the top and cross off…

Homemade Cleaning Products

homemade cleaning products - lemon

I don’t really like lots of toxic cleaning products,
here are some tried and tested homemade
cleaning products I use



For Windows, Glass and Mirrors – I mix one part White Vinegar with 4 parts water into a clean spray bottle.Then simply spray on and wipe off with kitchen towel.  I then buff over with a cloth to leave nice and streak…