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Celebrity Luxury Home For Sale

Celebrity luxury home for sale

If you have a spare 5.5 million pounds in the bank take a look at this Celebrity Luxury Home For Sale.  It belongs to the lovely Anthea Turner “The Perfect Housewife”

Anthea Turner is well known for creating fabulous interiors and housekeeping the traditional way, so it’s only to be expected that when she put her Home up for sale that it would be Staged to perfection.  And I’m not…

Preparing A House For Sale

When Preparing A House For Sale The First Impressions Are Always The Most Important
Selling your home is undoubtedly one of the most stressful things you can do in life – it ranks alongside bereavement and marriage breakup. So, that being the case it makes sense to do all that you can to make this process as pain free as possible.
It is always better to sell your home when it is furnished and…

Preparing to sell your home with Home Staging

Preparing to sell your home

Preparing to sell your home with Home Staging

Decorating a home is personalising it, Home Staging is
about de-personalising to sell well.

When preparing to sell your home it is important to look at the size, function and qualities of each room.  Preparing to sell your home is essential for helping the buyer envision themselves in the home and create a positive, lasting…

Letting Your Home For The Golf Open 2014

The Golf Open 2014 is in Hoylake, Wirral on
13th – 20th of July

This is a fantastic opportunity if you live on the Wirral and are preparing to start Letting Your Home for the Golf Open 2014 visitors.

Let Cherry Blossom Interiors take the pressure off by viewing your home and checking you have everything required to let it out. We can create a private inventory for you to k…

Would You Like A Discount Off Our Services?

Cherry Blossom Interiors Services

We currently have a 10% discount off any of our Services with Wirral People.
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Our Services are:
Home Makeover


2 hours planning to update a room(s) of your choice,  keeping most of what you already have with small changes in Colours, Accessories or Furniture with advice and guidance from us.

Advice Only – Home Meeting…

Have You Heard Of Home Staging?

Staging your home for viewings is one of the crucial elements involved in a successful house sale.  So, what are the benefits of home staging you might ask…?
If you have sold, or are in the process of selling your home then you’ll know what a long and often stressful process it can be.


If your home stubbornly refuses to sell after what seems like an eternity on the market,…

Home Staging Ready For Sale

Cherry Blossom Interiors Home Staging Bedroom After

What Are The Benefits Of Home Staging?
If your home stubbornly refuses to sell after what seems like an eternity on the market, most people have to consider dropping their asking price, as well as think about finding a new agent.  What if, rather than having to react to these problems – you could completely avoid them by staging your home?

By spending 1-2% of the asking price of your…