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Spring Clean Your Bedroom

spring bedding

 How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom

If you’re anything like me, the main cluttering issue in the bedroom will be the contents of your wardrobe. It’s best to tackle this sensitive area in an objective mood, and ideally when you’re on a spring clean roll to avoid emotional attachment playing a part.
I think the best way to stay objective is to make 3 distinct piles:
Keep, Maybe and…

Would You Like A Free Diet And Exercise Printable?

diet sheet

Why Use A Diet And Exercise Printable

I have been using my iPhone as a diary for the last few years but lately I’ve been getting in a bit of a mess with organising all of the extra papers I like to carry around.  So, I have moved back onto my beloved paper-based diary for the last few months and really enjoying having everything at my fingertips.

I have bought an A5 diary as then I can…

DeCluttering And Organising Your Living Room

Organising Your Christmas Lounge

With almost 7 weeks until Christmas, it’s time to start de-cluttering and organising your living room.

We recommend you start de-cluttering and organising your living room, especially over Christmas because we all spend most of our time in there once the winter months hit.
For most of us it’s the room where the Christmas tree will be set up, where the presents will be opened and enjoyed and…

Organised And Clutter Free Home

Clutter Free Home

DeCluttering And Organising To Get A Clutter Free Home
With Christmas fast approaching  we are starting with the bedroom wardrobe on our clutter free home.
My wardrobe can get ever so messy, so I like to have a good sort out as the seasons change.   I check if anything needs mending, recycling or throwing.
Starting is the best way, a room at a time.  Here are some Tips for Clutter…

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist
This Holiday Checklist will help you to be better organised when preparing to pack on a Self Catering holiday?
I use this holiday checklist to keep on top of jobs to do on the run up to going on a self catering holiday. There are sections that are helpful even if your holiday isn’t self catering.

The Holiday Checklist has the following sections already filled out…

The Range Mirror And Jewellery Storage Furniture


I’ve Found This Wonderful Mirror And Jewellery Storage
I love it because it is a fabulous full length mirror with the added bonus it keeps all of your jewellery neat and organised inside.
I couldn’t resist buying one myself I loved the look of it so much and it doesn’t disappoint.  I use the full length mirror daily when getting ready and having all of my accessories organised and easy to…

Weekly Checklist

weekly checklist

Weekly Organising Checklist
Would you like to be more organised when it comes to running the home?
I use this weekly checklist to keep on top of jobs to do around the home.  It has the following sections for you to fill out –

Housekeeping Jobs
What is for dinner
To do’s
Things to add to your shopping list

Print out the A4 page, fill in the date at the top and cross off…

Packing Your Decorations Away

Packing Your Decorations Away - box

We Have Found A Few Things To Help With Packing Your Decorations Away Ready For Next Christmas
Preparation is the key. Don’t start packing your Home Decorations away at random as come Christmas 2014 you’ll end up spending a vast amount of time sorting through everything again!

Instead work methodically, going room by room and investing in some storage solutions first, like this bauble box whic…

De-cluttering and Organising your Bathroom

storage - declutter and organise your bathroom

De-cluttering and organising your bathroom before Christmas
With Christmas only two weeks away hopefully you’re feeling relatively prepared – you’ve tidied the key areas of your house including the lounge, kitchen and hallway. However, have you thought about De-cluttering and Organising your Bathroom yet? Regardless of whether you have houseguests or not this year you know you’re probably…

Organise Your Guest Room

Spring Clean bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom in your home and guests are planning to stay with you this Christmas, we have some suggestions to organise your guest room now to take the pressure off on the lead up to the festive season.

When tackling any room I start by bringing black bags into the room to clear any clutter that has just been placed in the room.
I label the black…