Teenage Bedroom Ideas

teenage bedroom

Creating a Teenage Bedroom that will be loved as well

as integrate in some way with the family house takes

planning and skill to create a happy result.  It’s a

process that can be great fun though


teenage bedroom


Teenagers are creatures at the apex of exploring their individuality but in our modern world they are not unburdened by responsibility either.  Teenage bedrooms are special spaces where they can nurture their growing personalities and also where they will likely have to knuckle down to get some work done and think about their own futures in more serious terms than before.

Working with them to create a room whose ambience and layout gives them good vibes through the emotional ups and downs of their teenage years can really help them through this journey and will pay off to your family life in many ways.

Here are some teenage bedroom ideas I’ve gathered from work I’ve being doing that I’d like to share.

Colour & Pattern 

A great place to start is with colour.  And this is an easy way to involve you teenager in the process.  Order paint from Little Greene ** or email me direct, I can get you a discount.  They have a fantastic range of quality colours and scroll through Wallpaperdirect ** for wall paper ideas.

teenage bedroom - project file

This is where you can encourage your teenager’s digital savvy to explore Pinterest, Google and  magazines to collect images that they love and are inspired by.

Organise them well in a project folder such as this ** to show you mean business, perhaps with a headline page with key results, this will  help you both navigate through products, furniture, soft furnishings, lights etc and you will find ideas coming easily.  Its great of course to have a Pinterest account, but I think for this having actual print outs to hold in the hand and look at and mix and match with others will be of real value.  They may find it a bit old fashioned to work from paper, but encourage them to persevere as it will make it easier for you both to work together.

There’s been some great thinking and scientific research done on colour, however it is really a very subjective and emotive subject.  So you are basically looking for something that makes their heart sing a little, that makes them feel comfortable and at home.  Their colour tastes are likely to be pretty different to yours – they will thrive on drama and vibrant colours and a strong identify.

There are some useful formula to help you work up some great visual teenage bedroom ideas – here are some to get the ideas flowing:

1) Hot and Sour – a refreshing mix of  bright colours to revive the soul and appeal to a young heart.  Probably one more for girls, and veers towards the neon: a much loved spectrum for teens.  But done well you will probably be happy with it too.

teenage bedroom - hot and sour







2) Zigzags and Florals mix up – an enlivening mix of patterns to clash and calm the most energetic spirit – fun for girls without being too old fashioned and lets them explore some interesting combinations that work for them.

teenage bedroom - zigzags and florals







3)  Checks and block colour – mixing a basic background of checks with a signature colour is a simple and effective way to create a strong scheme in a room.  It will feel both modern, bright and fun, but also look smart and together. Particularly good for boys.

teenage bedroom - checks and bold







4)  Black and White – a very simple and classic one, but you can take it in so many directions.

teenage bedroom - black and white







5) Stripes and highlights – super simple and very on trend right now, use striking wide stripes as a base then pick a colour – and a formula that can be tuned to a more feminine or masculine taste

teenage bedroom - Stripe







Do Something Different / Do Something Personal 

Nothing appeals to a teenage heart more than doing something different, being unique and bold.

You can let them explore this urge through any of the elements required in a room decoration project: wallpaper, bed spreads and linens, curtains and furniture.

Finding a bold and interesting print on wall paper is a good starting point – to make it more interesting, you could choose to paper just one wall or even just the ceiling, this will cut your budget and create a unique look.


teenage bedroom - wallpaperteenage bedroom - wallpaper

These magnificent birds ** would be gorgeous to gaze up at.

And this high heel ** paper is probably too much for a whole room, but would look great on a feature wall.




teenage bedroom - wallpaper

teenage bedroom - wallpaperFor boys how about these stripes

** for a strong visual statement or this great gold graphic print ? **


For something much lighter this Tatami print ** could be a great backdrop to their furniture choices.


teenage bedroom - wallpaper

Once you’ve picked your paper or paint, it’s time to move onto your curtains and bedding, don’t be afraid to bring in a new colour that coordinates rather than matches completely – and if you’ve had fun with the walls you can do something a bit more straightforward for the fabrics, maybe choosing a single colour or two for colour blocking.  Think about colour in terms of tones and you will get some interesting and unique results.

Space to work, think and dream 

Teenagers need brain space, GCSE’s, A Levels are getting tougher – and that’s alongside the hormonal development that’s going on.  Its worth spending time creating a place for them to work effectively in their room – a space they want to be.

teenage bedroom - desk


This super simple graphic’s desk ** is grown up and good value.

teenage bedroom - desk

For a slightly larger budget this well designed desk ** gives multi level space for lap top working as well as writing papers – white coordinates with many things and feels light and modern.



A simple chair ** will coordinate easily, maybe in a different colour to “pop” – these are great at only £59.

teenage bedroom - chair






Help them get organised

Make a pinboard that coordinates with their room – they should be able to do this themselves.  Simply order some cork tiles, ribbon and pins and choose a covering fabric to coordinate with the room or a frame to create a surround.

Here are some great examples –

teenage bedroom - pinboardteenage bedroom - pinboard










Space to Relax and Have Fun 

Key though to appealing to a teenagers heart is creating some space for fun, encouraging a bit of humour – who knows we all need that!

This shark fin ** chair would be a fabulous addition to a room – or if you’re on a tighter budget how about this octopus bean bag **.

teenage bedroom - chair


teenage bedroom - bean bag




teenage bedroom - ipod dock




Your teenager will be using their computer / lap top / i pad / phone for a whole range of things – as well as listening to music they could be watching videos on or learning about science through the Kahn Academy.

Treating their multi media needs seriously could pay off well in the long run – invest in a speaker to let them hear online videos well such as this simple, wireless speaker which works for an iPod or an iPad speaker dock **, with a clock built in.


Enjoy pulling together your teenage bedroom ideas together – I’d love to hear your ideas and how you get on, so get in touch.  Follow my Teenage Bedroom Ideas and I look forward to seeing what you are pinning.

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