Under The Stairs Ideas


Does your hallway become a bit of a dumping ground if you do not keep on top of it?


Mine sure does, so with this in mind I have been looking for inspiration and have found some great under the stairs ideas so you can use the space and keep the hallway neat.


Under The Stairs Ideas

under the stairs reading nook

Image Credit Houzz

 I love this idea of creating a seating bench, a little reading nook.  It looks so cosy and still has the benefit of two drawers for magazines or books?

under the stairs downstairs toilet

Image Credit Houzz

This is a small but perfect space for a downstairs toilet.  Having a downstairs toilet is especially handy if you have a toddler that is potty training or an elderly family member who struggles to get upstairs.

under the stairs hideaway for dog

Image Credit Pinterest

Maybe sleeping quarters for your beloved dog is a useful space to create?  This not only is practical, but also looks so good.

under the stairs dogs bed room

Image Credit Pinterest

Alternatively add doors to the dog’s bedroom so you can close the doors when not in use, this will make the space streamline.

under the stairs office space

Image Credit Houzz

 This just looks so neat and organised to me.

under the stairs reading nook and shelving

Image Credit Pinterest

I like this idea of under stair storage shelves, it looks tidy and organised but also like an interior designed space with the seating.  I can imagine sitting here happily reading.

under the stairs shelving

Image Credit Tradtional Home

This is one of my favourite uses for under the stairs because it is streamline and tidy.

I would keep shoes, gloves and hats in them so everything is close to the front door when entering or leaving.  A good joiner could do this for you.

under the stairs playhouse

Image Credit Houzz

How about this fantastic under the stairs idea? The children’s room with lighting and interior designed.

I think the children would love this, ok and me 😀

I hope you have enjoyed reading and now have some ideas, which one is your favourite?

under the stairs KAREN signature

under the stairs Karen Birney

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Jess Kennedy —

Love it!!!

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Joe —

What a clever idea!

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Mair Kennedy —

I love the play house idea – so cute. But on a practical level, I’d probably go for the downstairs toilet. Lots of fab ideas. Thanks Karen.

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Love these ideas, and they are great for adding storage and practicality to what could otherwise be seen as a dead space.
I have my downstairs toilet under my stairs, added it when we renovated because we didn’t have one and all that was there was a storage cupboard.

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