Weekly Checklist

weekly checklist

Weekly Organising Checklist


Would you like to be more organised when it comes to running the home?

I use this weekly checklist to keep on top of jobs to do around the home.  It has the following sections for you to fill out –

  • Housekeeping Jobs
  • What is for dinner
  • To do’s
  • Things to add to your shopping list

Print out the A4 page, fill in the date at the top and cross off the list when completed.

When you purchase the weekly checklist, it will NOT be blurred out.

 Click on the link below to buy

Weekly Checklist - Karen Birney

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There are 6 comments.

Cristina —

You are magnificent, Karen! Your checklists have been a miracle in my life, you know it’s true. Thank you so much!xxx

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Cristina —

I forgot to say the most important thing is that I did save around £ 100 on groceries this month. because I fulfilled your instructions regarding planning meals. and then I started to eat in a healthy way and lose weight, too. You are really

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Sue smith —

Got my weekly list. Love it. Can sort my jobs out now and get organised. Thank you so much. Your great xx

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