Is It Time To Take Your Christmas Tree Down Yet?

Christmas tree down

I know it’s only the 29th December, but I have been seeing plenty of people deciding to take their Christmas Tree down already, trying to De-clutter and tidy up the mess from the festivities.


When do you like to take your decorations and Christmas tree down?  6th January?  Let us know in the comments below.

I have spotted this novel way to wrap the whole tree, lights and decorations in cling film, what do you think, worth a try?  I guess it would depend of the types of trees you have, only an artificial tree could be wrapped like this.

I would love to know if you have tied this and it has survived for this year.


Christmas tree in cling film


If this isn’t your style we have a blog post on organising your decorations to make it easier for next year.

 Do let me know how you get on with your tree.

tree - KAREN signature

tree - Karen Birney

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There are 10 comments.

Bonnie Gean

I never thought I would see cling wrap used in this fashion. ROFL

Of course, I dislike cling wrap because it NEVER clings to what you wrap it around, so I would probably get discouraged to use it on my tree!

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    Karen —

    Hi Bonnie, yes that can be a problem with cling film. It would probably have to be heavy duty type too so it doesn’t rip.

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I’m afraid I’m BAD, and have an artificial tree which gets boxed away every year. But it does have sentimental value for me as my son bought it for me when I gave away our existing one after a particularly difficult year. Joy

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Tammy Doiel

If I had a place to store the tree like that, it actually looks like a good idea! We put ours in the attic, so that would not work!

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Sue Worthington

What a great idea!
BUT decorating the tree is quite a ritual in a lot of households isn’t it, so I think I will stick to the usual way.
Besides my tree is over 6 feet – I would need a heck of a lot of cling film LOL
I have taken some of my decorations down yesterday – but the tree will be done tomorrow on 12th night

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Ruth Grint —

Now that our tree is packed away, we have noticed that our living room is now a study in magnolia!

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